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Carrying your shopping bag around in the sweaty marketplace for your grocery shopping is now passé. You can get the best and the freshest products delivered right at your doorstep. Baroda Basket brings you the ease of selecting only the best products for all your food and grocery needs, right from the comfort of your home. No more hassles of traffic jam, parking, or even sifting through left over vegetables or fruits. You can now get everything you need, when you need, delivered right at your home. All items on your everyday shopping list are available just at a click away on – Baroda’s very own online supermarket.


Baroda Basket, a venture of Klassic Corporation, is an online daily needs ecommerce platform, founded in 2016 by some of the finest entrepreneurs with extensive experience in the ecommerce realm. From fresh fruits and vegetables, rice and pulses, spices and seasonings to packaged instant food – Baroda Basket has it all. It is also the first and fastest growing e-grocery platform in Baroda which is multi-lingual – available in Gujarati, Hindi, and English.


With a number of options to choose from in every category, you get the best quality, at lowest prices, from a range of handpicked products. Choose a convenient place in the city and time for delivery and it will be delivered at a place and time of your choice! You can even choose your preferred mode of payment – credit/debit card or cash on delivery. Unique membership plans are also on the offer to make your shopping experience great.


The local and organic products are sourced from trusted farmers, and with the help of dependable partners, Baroda Basket strives to fulfill its commitment every single time –guaranteed on time delivery, and the best quality!


The passionate team at the helm of affairs at Baroda Basket aims to create an online shopping experience that will have you hooked. Baroda Basket is all set to make its presence felt in other cities of Gujarat soon.




Being green is part of the culture at Baroda Basket. By virtue of an online platform for grocery shopping, the need for movement of stocks from one location to another for redistribution purposes, as well the number of human trips to an offline grocery store are eliminated, which in turn helps reduce pollution. While supermarkets do give you the comfort of air-conditioners, they guzzle up energy for lighting, air-conditioning and powering their refrigerators and freezers. By making these products from the wholesaler available at your doorstep through the online platform, Baroda Basket not only helps cut out on a lot of carbon emissions generated by the traditional supply chain but also reduce traffic on the roads!


At Baroda Basket, we deliver products in crates that are reused, thus doing away with the need of paper and plastic bags. The fruit and vegetable trays are recyclable and we request our customers to return them to us so that we can reuse them.


Baroda Basket is committed to minimizing the impact of its activities on the local and global environment. We aim to achieve this through:


• Compliance with applicable environmental legislations

• Use of the ‘Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle’ concept

• Minimizing waste by way of efficient operations through continual evaluation

• Minimizing toxic emissions through appropriate selection and use of fleet and power source

• Active promotion of recycling – internally as well as with customers and suppliers

• Minimizing environmental impact of distribution by sourcing and promoting an appropriate product range

• Use of accredited program to offset the greenhouse gas emissions generated by our activities