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Terms and conditions


Baroda Basket welcomes you to their Web Store. We are at your services for your Orders at all times.


General Terms & Conditions


KLASSIC CORPORATION – A partnership firm, having its Office at Vadodara, carrying out its E-store under the name and style as BARODA BASKET to cater the daily needs of Vegetables, Dairy Products, Grocery, Spices, Fresh Meats, Frozen Foods (Veg/Non Veg/Sea Food) etc. A list of Products offered is reproduced below. You may visit for your above needs through our Web Portal to book your orders.


List of Products




Dairy Products,


Instant meals,

And many more to go……


Upon you using/accessing BARODA BASKET E-store websites media links you to give your consent to agree to BARODA BASKET Terms & Conditions. BARODA BASKET reserves the right to add, alter or repeal these terms and conditions as and when required without any prior notice to its customers. You agree to the addition/alteration/repealing of and you will bound by such added/altered/repealed terms and conditions.


We may use your personal information like: Name, Location, SMS, Phone, Photo, Media, Files, Wi-Fi connection, devices and call information for better services.


Minimum Order Value


The Order shall be executed next day. However, the simpy orderng ims does no guarantee the delivery of iems, BARODA BASKET reserves the right to execute and deliver the ordered items to its customers. No guarantee shall be given that the ordered goods shall be supplied within the time limit prescribed above, however, an attempt shall be made to deliver the goods at the earliest. In the event of any delay beyond the control of the BARODA BASKET and its employees/agents, the customers shall not have any right to cancel the Order.


Content Ownership


BARODA BASKET owns and operates its online Household Products Store which is available on the website. All of these Products are protected by its respective Merchandise Marks Acts, Copyright, Trademark, Trade dress, Patent, Trade secret, international treaties and/or other proprietary rights, laws and rules.

When you use and access BARODA BASKET website you admit and agree to abide by all its rules and regulations in force for the purchase of a range of products offered to its customers of the BARODA BASKET and any other rules and regulations that may be imposed during the currency of the contract.


Third Party Rights


BARODA BASKET being a Trading Portal for Household items, it shall supply goods of various other third party suppliers and all such third party suppliers shall have their own terms & conditions and by accessing or using it, you accept to abide by their terms and conditions as well. Such additional terms and conditions can be added/altered/repealed without prior notice by the third party suppliers and same shall be binding to you.

The trademarks/service marks/domain names/marks/names/logos and trade presented on BARODA BASKET, whether registered or not are solely owned by BARODA BASKET and are protected by its respective Intellectual Property Laws/ Laws of the land.


Indemnity Against 'Erroneous/improper' usage


BARODA BASKET is engaged in the sale of quality household products to its customers and all necessary care and caution have been taken for the same. All the information placed on its website is true and correct. However, we express regret for any errors or omissions that may have appeared and BARODA BASKET holds no responsibility towards erroneous/improper usage of above household products and is not liable for any damage/loss directly or indirectly caused out of such usage.


Authorized Access & Data-sharing


At the time of placing your order, you must accept and agree to take particular care while providing with your details and affirm that these details are true and complete at the time of ordering. You also affirm that the credit or debit card details that you provide are your own and that you have sufficient funds to make the payment.

When you place an order via BARODA BASKET you affirm that the same is ordered for your own use only and not intended for any resale and that you are not ordering the same as an agent on behalf of a third party while receiving the ordered products and/or services.


Limited Liability Against Price Listing


All the prices mentioned for the respective products are Maximum Retail Prices of the respective products and inclusive of Taxes. However, the same being exclusive of Packing & Forwarding as well as Freight charges, the Customers shall be liable to pay Packing & Forwarding charges as well as Freight Charges at actual either while booking of the Order or at the time to taking delivery of the orders. No other charges shall be paid by the customers in addition to the above-referred taxes/charges.


All the customers shall make payments for the goods ordered by Debit Card, Credit Card, via NET Banking while placing the Order in advance OR by Cash on Delivery. The customer shall not have any option to revoke payment if made through’ Debit Card, Credit Card or Net Banking. Further, in case of Cash on Delivery, the goods shall be delivered against payment in Cash at the time of Delivery only.


In case of cancellation of the Order by the customer, the payment made to BARODA BASKET shall be refunded after deducting amount towards Packing/Forwarding, Freight etc.


In case of any excess supply of goods to the customer than the ordered quantity, the customer shall make payment for the excess quantity at the time of delivery of goods in Cash to the representative of Baroda Basket.


BARODA BASKET reserves the right to cancel Order of any customer, without assigning any reason, and without any liability. BARODA BASKET may take such action suo moto, if there is a reason to believe that its Customers are misusing the system or if they are in breach of our Terms and Conditions.


The transactions taken place under this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the land in force and made applicable by the respective Government/Statutory Authority, during the currency of this Agreement.


It is agreed between both the parties that if any misunderstanding or dispute arise, this would be settled as far as possible by mutual discussions. The territorial jurisdiction of the BARODA BASKET is limited to Baroda District and therefore, only the Courts in Baroda shall have jurisdiction to entertain such suits.